Monday, 30 May 2011

Advanced gameplay

  • Inventory - the inventory for the current adventure can be found at the top-right of the blog. It contains all the character information relating to your quest, such as your character stats and current weapons and other equipment.
  • Respawns - if you are unfortunate enough to be killed or fail your mission, you will be given two opportunities to restart the story and have another attempt. If you fail after using both of your respawns, a new story will begin. If you progress far enough into the story, you may encounter a 'shrine'. These act as story checkpoints - you will return to this point instead of the beginning if you die or fail.
  • Provisions - to restore your hit points, provisions are used. If you lose all your hit points during a battle and have provisions in your inventory, they will be automatically used, restoring half of your total hit points. If you have provisions after a battle, you will be given the opportunity to use them, restoring your hit points to their full amount.
  • Resting - you may be offered the choice to rest during your adventure. If you choose to do so, your hit points will be fully restored. Beware however, you will probably encounter different story options if you choose to rest.
  • Testing stats - during the story you will encounter situations where your stats will be tested to determine your progress. For example, if you chose to sneak past a guard, your SPD stat would be tested. Two dice are rolled - if your SPD stat is higher than or equal to the number rolled, you have been successful. Be aware of your stats and choose options that work with your strengths.
  • Using the bow - you start your adventure with a Hunter's bow, a long-range weapon. If you still have this weapon when you enter combat, you will be offered the choice to use one arrow per enemy. So, if you face two enemies, you will have the choice to use one, two or no arrows. If you choose to fire an arrow, your SPD stat will be tested. Two dice are rolled - if your SPD is higher than or equal to the number rolled, you have scored a hit, and your enemy loses half their hit points. If you are unsuccessful, the arrow misses. There may be some situations where you cannot use your bow during battle, due to environment factors or due to the weapon's inability to damage your opponent. In this circumstance, you will see '[bow unusable]' displayed.

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