Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Gameplay Update

We're always looking for ways to update Tweet RPG, and have come up with a few gameplay adjustments that should streamline the process and improve your gameplay experience.


The current combat system has shown itself to be a little sluggish and ineffective recently - a disproportionate amount of attacks had been resulting in 'misses', and the mechanics required too many time-consuming dice rolls. Therefore, a new system has been devised that ultilises the same stats as the previous system. The new combat mechanism works like this:

  • The value of a combatant's ATK refers to the max amount of melee damage they can inflict per round, i.e. if you have an ATK of 9, you have the chance to inflict 9 points of damage.
  • The number of dice that equals the opponent's DEF are rolled i.e. five dice for a DEF value of five. 
  • For each die that lands on a even number, the opponent has blocked a point of damage.
  • Reverse and repeat for each individual attack.
Don't worry if this doesn't make sense, just know that it will make things faster and more exciting!


It's been observed that spending a whole twelve-hour voting session on deciding whether or not to restore HP is a little dull. Therefore, an 'healing threshold' will now be established for in-story healing/repairs. In future, this threshold with be established during 'Character Creation' - as Starfall has already commenced, this threshold will be set at 25% of total HP. You will only be given the option to heal during story events if your HP has dropped below this level. If you think this threshold should be set at a different value, get in contact and we'll organise a vote to get everyone's opinion.

 Quick-fire/open decisions

Some story decisions require more choice than just 'a' or 'b'. With that in mind, we will be introducing 'quick-fire' and 'open' decisions.
  • Quick-fire decisions - these story options require a quick and immediate decision. The first person to vote will determine the direction of the story in these situations, and the story will continue immediately.
  • Open decisions - with this addition, each player gets to put forward their own individual suggestion for where the story should go. When the voting session finishes, we'll pick our favourite and continue the story according to that suggestion.
If you have any questions, comment below or contact Tweet RPG on Twitter!

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