Monday, 1 August 2011

Tuning up: gameplay updates

Our first Twitter-based RPG adventure, King Slayer, provided the opportunity to test the Tweet RPG game system. Many of the processes worked really well and will be unadjusted for our next story, Starfall. However, other parts of the project require some tweaking, so as the player can be given the best gaming experience possible. There are also a few Starfall-specific additions to the gameplay, which will be detailed below.

General Updates


The damage rolls have been modified, because the chance to inflict low or critical damage was too varied. Now, when a die is rolled and added to a combatant's ATK to determine the amount of damage inflicted (minus the opponent's DEF), 1 = 0, 2,3 = +1, 4,5 = +2 and 6 = +3. For example, if you have an ATK of 7 and your opponent has a DEF of 5, rolling a 2 would mean you inflict 3 points of damage (7-5+1=3).

The SPD stat was not given much value during combat in King Slayer, making it less useful than its counterparts. Therefore, if the combatant's SPD is equal to or higher than the opponent's + 50%, the combatant gains an extra action per turn. For example, if your SPD = 6 and your opponent's is 4, you have 2 actions (4 x 1.5 = 6).


In King Slayer, if you died or failed you would be sent back to the start of the adventure or to the middle if you had passed that point. Because of the amount of time it takes for voting sessions to be administered, it seems unfair that you should lose so much progress. Therefore, if you fail or die in the next adventure, one die will be rolled – 1,2 = go back 3 voting sessions, 3,4 = go back 4 voting sessions, 5,6 = go back 5 voting sessions. You will start at your new position with your initial stats and inventory.

Voting Sessions

This is only a very slight update to make Tweet RPG easier to update and maintain. Voting sessions will now open/close between a rough timeframe of 8:00-9:00 AM/PM GMT. If there is any majority variation from this plan, players will be informed.

Starfall-Specific Updates

Secondary weapons

Instead of having a long-range weapon which is used outside of battle, i.e. the hunter's bow in King Slayer, secondary weapons in Starfall are used during battle. Each weapon has different effects and capabilities. There are three qualities for each secondary weapon: damage, recharge and ammo.
  • Damage = the amount of additional damage inflicted upon the enemy, regardless of DEF.
  • Recharge = how many rounds a weapon must (re)charge for before it can be used.
  • Ammo = how many times a weapon can be used before it is depleted (per battle).
During Starfall you will be offered the choice to exchange your current secondary weapon for another at various points. Choose wisely! Some weapons may inflict status effects instead of damage; some may do both.

Restoring HP
There are two types of restorative items in Starfall: 'patch-kits' and 'repair-kits'. Patch-kits are used during battle – they restore half of your total HP, and used automatically when your HP reaches 0. Repair-kits are used after battle – they fully restore your HP, if you should choose to use one.

After boss battles against other AuGArma suits, you are able to harvest parts from your defeated opponent and use them to repair your Arma – your HP will automatically be restored to half its total if it is below that number at the end of the battle.

Get ready for battle! Character Creation begins 3/7/11, the adventure begins 5/7/11.

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