Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Starfall: Character Creation

The Starfall Character Creation process will begin tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd of August, at 8:00am GMT! You must choose which specifications and equipment your AuGArma will use. Choose carefully; your choice could lead to victory, or your downfall. Each different load-out will require a different strategy; bear this in mind too.

Voting Session no.1 (opens at 8:00am, 3/8) – Stats

Which area of your AuGArma would you like to prioritise?
  • IronKnuckles Melee fists – focused on dealing damage – ATK: 9, DEF: 6, SPD: 6
  • Paragon V Shield-Arm – armoured against attack – ATK: 6, DEF: 9, SPD: 6
  • KNitro booster upgrade – equipped for agility – ATK: 6, DEF: 6, SPD: 9
  • Standard load-out – a balanced approach – ATK: 7, DEF: 7, SPD: 7
Voting Session no.2 (opens at 8:00pm, 3/8) – Secondary Weapon

Which shoulder-mounted long-range weapon would you like to equip?
  • Arrion 5.5 Minigun – light-weight, fast, low-damage = +1 damage, 1 Round Recharge, 6 Rounds Ammo
  • TKB 'Hellfire' Cannon – medium weight, speed and power = +2 damage, 2 RR, 3 RA (-1 SPD)
  • WollenBurst Missile Battery – heavy, slow, but highly powerful = +5 damage, 4 RR, 2 RA (-2 SPD, -1 DEF)
Voting Session no.3 (opens at 8:00am, 4/8) – AuGmentations

Which special perk would you like to choose?
  • Master mechanic – +2 HP after every battle, combat repairs = 2/3 total HP, story repairs = +1 base HP (as well as fully restoring HP), post-boss battle repairs = 2/3 total HP
  • Stealth alloy – gives you a 50% chance of avoiding target-lock from a long-range weapon (organic weapons unaffected), one die rolled – 1-3 = successful evasion, 4-6 = unsuccessful (-1 DEF)
  • SOS reactor – kicks in when your HP drops below ¾ of total - raises your DEF by 2, but reduces your ATK by 1 (effect wears off after battle or if your HP rises above ¾ of total)
Special event (begins at 8:00pm, 4/8) – Reinforcing your Arma (Gaining HP)

You start with a base HP amount of 16. After the third voting session has ended, a tweet will be posted relating to your HP amount. It will read:

“Time to buff up and prepare for battle! #Starfall, the next @tw33t_rpg adventure, begins at 8:00am GMT tomorrow! Please RT!”

For every 10 times this tweet is retweeted, 1 HP will be added to your max total. Let's get Starfall trending! (If we get a crazy amount of retweets, we'll reassess how much HP is suitable). This special event will close when the Starfall narrative begins!

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