Friday, 19 August 2011

Starfall: Story Summaries - Votes 13-20

Instead of filling you with fear, the scrawled warning on the large Ollakoma Industries sign fills you with intrigue. You head towards the giant gate barring the path into the sprawling factory complex. Utilising the Ragnarok's speed and agility, you leap over the gate, landing within the facility.

Once inside, you decide to check out a nearby guardhouse. You send Ray into the abandoned structure, watching from within your AuGArma as the A.I. robot explores the building. Ray finds some long-dead bodies, as well as discovering that the factory has been plagued by infestation of something referred as 'Grak'...

Before you can react, a vicious alien beast attacks your AuGArma - a fast humanoid creature with deadly bone-blades for limbs and chilling arachnid eyes. You manage to fight off the Grak, and head into the factory's pipe complex.

As you move through the maze of giant metal tubes, another Grak launches an attack upon the Ragnarok, dealing some heavy damage before you defeat it. You find a damaged security terminal within the walkways of the pipe complex. Ray suggests using a patch-kit to reactivate the factory's dormant auto-guns, but you attempt to hot-wire the terminal instead, with no success. Reaching the end of the pipe complex, you spot two Grak up ahead in front of a large building. The Grak seem to be guarding the structure, which has been pock-marked by an acidic substance. The two alien creatures block your path: how will you deal with them?

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