Friday, 12 August 2011

Starfall: Story Summaries - Votes 1-12

After piloting your AuGArma battle-machine out of the crumpled DroPod, you find yourself in a wide plain surrounded by high cliffs. You've landed nearby a field of tall windmills next to a small farm settlement. Feeling cautious, you decide to approach the settlement within the Ragnarok, rather than on foot.

As you head towards the farm, a battered LiftCarry Arma engages you in combat. The domestic machine is no match for you. The pilot, an elderly bearded man, escapes unscathed, but is extremely unhappy that you've trashed his Arma. You order him to help you, but he bluntly refuses. Feeling annoyed, you blast one of his windmills with your minigun. The old man suddenly becomes very compliant, offering supplies and advice.

You investigate the nearby ridges surrounding the plain, and then decide to follow the old man's advice, heading towards the gap in the hills – the easiest path out of the plain.

Ray, the Ragnarok's A.I. computer, warns you of an enemy approaching from behind – the old man tricked you! Just managing to avoid a barrage of deadly missiles, you fire up your boosters, flying towards the battle contestant's Arma. The struggle is hard, the Ragnarok, taking much damage, but you manage to prevail, striking down Josha's AuGArma.

Taking the enemy's 'Scatter Missiles' secondary weapon, you travel out of the plain. Ray detaches himself from the main AuGArma body, hovering high in the dull sky. The small metal orb reports back that there are three possible routes to take: a mountain pass in the east, a flat plain ahead of you, and a large factory complex to the west. You head towards the factory, finding a nearby sign warning you to stay away. Will you try a different path or let curiosity get the better of you?  

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