Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 102-111

  • You approach the security bot, confident that you can confuse it with conflicting commands. Appealing to its military sub-programmes, you manage to subvert the robot's orders and send it away. You pick the lock and make your way inside the lab.
  • Moving up the stairs, you overhear an angry phone conservation between the doc and an unknown person – it appears Obadiah is leaving town. You try to sneak up on him, but fail. The doc pulls a gun on you.
  • You accuse the doctor of framing you and using his device for murder. He denies it all, claiming his device doesn't even work as far as he knows, and that it really has been stolen. Becoming more agitated, the doc fires his gun...
  • The bullet disappears before it strikes, reappearing and flying in the opposite direction, killing Obadiah. You see a figure clinging to the wall outside the window – must be the killer. You dive out of the window, chasing the dark figure onto the street.
  • As you chase the suspect, the laboratory explodes in an inferno of flame – the doc must have had a self-destruct mechanism set up. The figure scrambles up the side of a building, aided by a black climber suit – you follow up the fire escape.
  • Reaching the rooftop, you watch as the suspect leaps off into the air, gliding down to the ground below and entering a building across the street. You take a death-defying slide down a nearby cable and continue the chase.
  • You have the dark figure cornered, but suddenly something slams into your chest. You tumble to the floor, Obadiah's dagger protruding from your chest. The tables have been turned – it seems you were the quarry all along. Will you succeed or fail? Will you live or die? The Tweet Players will decide.

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