Friday, 3 February 2012

Time to Die: Story Summaries - Votes 92-101

  • You remain staunch in the face of the thug's threats. The leader moves forwards to strike you, but stops short – he topples to the floor, a golden pen jammed in his skull. Either the doc was aiming for you and missed, or he's taking out everyone who might know of the device, keeping you alive to take the fall...
  • The goons are too stupid to work out what's up. One of them goes to the rooftop to look for a supposed sniper, the other stays to guard you. Using your communication skills, you persuade the man to free you – once untied, you grab your gun.
  • You restrain the foolish goon and gag his mouth. Leaving the room, you find yourself in a part-constructed office building. You decide to head up to the roof and deal with the remaining CygNet heavy.
  • On the roof, you find the thug aiming an assault rifle down into the street, searching fruitlessly for a sniper. Sneaking across the rooftop, you catch the man unawares. Disarming and pinning him against the edge of the roof, you decide enough is enough – this guy needs to meet his end. With a powerful shove, you send him plummeting down.
  • Leaving the building, you see that the goons didn't take you far – the laboratory is at the end of the road. You opt for some caution and skirt around on a side street. An elderly lady asks you for help – her cat 'Chubby' is in trouble – but you refuse, stating you don't have any time to spare.
  • Turning the corner and heading towards the lab, you see a military grade security bot hovering in front of the doorway. You decide against attacking it head on – maybe you could trick your way past it?

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