Friday, 3 February 2012

Voting Update: It's Friday!

Hello Tweet RPG fans! Hope you've had a good week but also that you're looking forward to a weekend break. Can't believe we've reached 100 votes in Time to Die! That's pretty crazy. Not sure all the adventures will be this long - think it's quite hard to keep up with that much detail. We're reaching the end now - will Weldon solve the mystery? That's up to you!

Right, down to business. I changed the voting a couple of weeks back to stop Saturday voting sessions, which I think has been a positive decision - there were often less votes on Saturday and I always had something on that clashed with Tweet RPG. I'm going to tweak the voting again - from now on, all Friday votes will end at 6pm GMT, not the usual 8pm. The reason being, I always seem to be doing something on a Friday evening, meaning that I have to adjust the end of the vote. It made sense to make this a permanent feature, rather than keep switching back and forth. Hope this doesn't cause any issues - let me know if you have any suggestions for how Tweet RPG can be improved.

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