Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Die: The Final Vote

Weldon Locke lies on the rooftop, Doctor Obadiah's knife driven into his chest, Weldon's finger prints on the handle (see the prologue). There is a way that he could stop the killer – but it will mean his death. If he fails, he will live to fight another day. Which will you choose?

This is the final vote of Time to Die – you are outside of the story, in complete control of the protagonist's fate. Do you want him to live, or is it right for him to die? It's your decision. To clarify:
  • Send “#trpg111a” if you want Weldon to succeed, but die.
  • Send “#trpg111b” if you want Weldon to fail his quest, but survive.

There's also one last puzzle for you to solve: one item in Weldon's inventory can be used to stop the killer – which item do you think it is? Send your answer to me in a DM (let me know if I'm not following you and I will so you can send the message) and if you get it right there'll be an extra achievement waiting for you! Today's vote closes at 10pm GMT - I'm adding a few extra hours onto the voting session so that as many people as possible can join in.

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