Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Die: Epilogue

She crouches delicately next to me, removing the deathly mask, her golden hair cascading over her shoulder. There's a confidence in her features that I must have missed before – either that or she was covering it very well. Taking up my gun, she tosses it across to the edge of the roof.

“I'm really sorry,” she says in a patronising manner. “I truly am.”

“You... you've had this planned the whole time?”

“Well, most of it,” she admits, removing her glove and stroking my sweat-soaked cheek with the back of her bandaged hand. “There were some alterations I had to make, what with you being so persistent, but that just made it all the more fun.”

“You did that to yourself?” I rasp, gesturing to her injury.

“It had to be real,” she says, determination hardening her features. “Otherwise you wouldn't have trusted me.”

“You stole the device – the time-machine?” I ask, my chest heaving painfully.

“I wouldn't say 'stole',” she chuckles. “The doctor stumbled upon the discovery – he didn't have the capability to make use of it. I merely 'took command' of the project and made some useful modifications.” She shows you her other hand, revealing a small piece of tech strapped to her wrist. “No need for all that bulky targeting equipment when you've got this.”

“How – ” I begin, but the woman cuts me off, placing a finger lightly on my lips.

“No more questions – you don't have the strength. Just relax. It'll all be over soon.”

She stands, walking away towards the door. Even now, on the verge of death, I can't help but watch the way those hips gyrate as she walks. I bet she used them to full effect on the doctor. She opens the door, turning to face me.

“I couldn't have done it without you,” she purrs, revelling in the mockery. “Thanks for the helping hand.”

A helping hand...

Which item in Weldon Locke's inventory will enable him to stop the blonde assistant?

Want to see what would have happened if Weldon failed? Check out the alternative ending to Time to Die!

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