Friday, 8 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 71-76

  • You can't resist having a look inside the hut on the hill. It's a small hunting shack with a trap door in the floor. Smashing open the door, you find a cask of ale – always useful! You head down the hill to catch yourself a Tauk Tauk.
  • Creeping slowly towards the herd, you startle a couple of the more alert creatures. You opt to saddle up the defiant runt – it puts up a spirited fight, but you manage to earn its respect. The creature carries you towards the mountain and the final of the Strength of Ages.
  • You find your path blocked by a swiftly flowing river. Deciding not to risk a dangerous crossing, you head downstream. You find a safer spot to ford the river, but something spooks your Tauk Tauk. There's a predator nearby – a deadly guarrocat.
  • You try to intimidate the creature, which seems to work. The gaurrocat runs off a short way, but still watches from a distance. This could be a good opportunity to cross the river and continue on, but it could also be prudent to slay the predator first...

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