Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: New ability - Pinpoint Assault!

It's time to use your latest super skill, 'Pinpoint Assault! This, the second of the 'Strength of Ages' abilities, is all about finding your enemy's weaknesses and exploiting them to maximum affect. It may sound cool, but you're gonna have to do some work if you want to defeat the deadly monsters you face!

Here's how Pinpoint Assault works; the phrase '[ARMOUR BREAK]' has been hidden in six places on this blog or on Twitter. For each of these six weaknesses that you find, you deal -1HP to your opponent(s). However, if multiple players find the same weakness, the damage dealt is doubled i.e. 2 players = 4 points, 3 players = 6. Here's how you submit your findings:
  • Tweet this message to me - '#ARMOURBREAK #trpg79'
  • Send me a DM containing the link to the page(s) where you find the [ARMOUR BREAK], or the name of the page

Try to avoid tweeting me the link or page name, as this will spoil the game for others who haven't had a chance to look yet. You have until 8pm GMT to find as many of the weaknesses as you can, so get to work! Happy adventures!

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