Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 87-96

  • You run for the portal leading back to the Arcalith, the horde of monsters hot on your tail. Two of the creatures grab ahold as you dive through. You appear back in the alternative dimension in your school uniform – the monsters have also travelled through and taken control of some aggressive bullies.
  • After decking the bullies and carefully negotiating one of their older brothers, you are transported back to the Arcalith. The Archmaester is battling a monolithic monster – you pitch into the fight, using your 'Guardian Summon' ability to thrash the giant.
  • The Archmaester forces you to head for a recently opened portal, leading to the final challenge of your adventure – destroying the leader of The Affliction. You are transported away from the Arcalith as the Archmaester unleashes a wave of self-destructive force to destroy the onslaught of invading monsters.
  • You find yourself on the edge of a forest, looking down over a city. Under the darkness of night, you see no lights in the city and smoke arising. Taking the main road down the hill, you head towards the city.
  • A figure approaches you on the road. You opt to continue towards the figure – it's a Visgarthian man, but he's been infested by a parasite of The Affliction. The man tries to attack you, so you knock him unconscious. When you try to remove the writhing parasite from the man's head, the black mass leaps onto your body, taking control.
  • Tharn has been overtaken by the parasite – we need a new hero to stop him from fulfilling the orders of The Affliction! Choose a hero who you think is best suited to defeat Tharn from the Hack 'N' Slash Hero character list, and tweet your choice to @tw33t_rpg!

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