Friday, 1 June 2012

Hack 'N' Slash Hero: Story Summary - Votes 61-70

  • Time for a splurge – you spend all your VP on the book. Knowing your enemies stats should be very useful. Leaving the Merchant, you head into the town and are introduced to the chieftain. He informs you that the next of the Strength of Ages is at the top of the nearby mountain – but you'll need to catch a Tauk Tauk to carry you to the peak.
  • You decide to investigate the town before you wrangle one of these beasts. Entering the local tavern, you find the clientele to be rather unwelcome – you have to lay one of the locals out before you leave. Heading off to the marketplace, you find a useful looking saddle, but without any currency you'll have to do the trader a favour...
  • The trader asks you to find two brothers who have been stealing his goods, and relinquish a valuable elixir from them. You find the shack where the siblings live and knock on the front door. One of the men answers – he's got a vicious-looking dog creature on a chain.
  • You attempt to reason with the man, but his brother sneaks up from behind, inflicting a sneak attack on you. Utilising your strength, you knock your assailant out. After a bloody battle, you defeat the other man and his deadly pet.
  • Gravely injured, you stumble inside the shack. Searching for something to regain your stamina, you drink from a bottle of dark liquid. Bad move – the toxic fluid doesn't take long to rot your insides, gifting current hero Ironfist with an agonising death.
  • A new hero arrives to take Ironfist's place – hammer-wielding dwarf mercenary, Tharn (no.56). Heading back to the marketplace, you explain to the confused trader who you are and what happened to Ironfist. The man is overcome with emotion at your fallen comrade's devotion – he gives you the saddle and the elixir.
  • Leaving the town as Visgarthia's sun begins to set, you start hunting down a herd of Tauk Tauk on the plain. As you follow the herd's tracks, you spot a hut on a hilltop nearby – is it worth making a detour to check it out?

IMPORTANT INFO: Because it's the Royal Jubilee in the UK this weekend, us Brits have been given the day off work on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, vote no.70 will stay open until 8am on Wednesday the 6th of June – no new updates until then. Have a good weekend!

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